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Cohabitation and marriage agreements set out the legal rights of two parties during a relationship and decide what will happen if the relationship ends.


If you are planning entering into a Marriage and Cohabitation agreement, it’s crucial to seek legal advice from a lawyer and be ready with it in advance before the cohabitation or marriage begins. It is primarily important to know what rights you hold under the law before you ignorantly agree to waive them or override them.


Hittrich Law Group Lawyers assist in every aspects of pre-nuptial contract creation—from preliminary negotiation to final settlement.

We consider marriage contract as a viable element of healthy relationship. 


Cohabitation and marriage agreement do not foreshadow divorce; instead, they are intended to prevent divorce and separation from happening. Such agreement help address another key issues, by specifying particular rights and responsibilities of each partner.


At Hittrich Las Group, we create legal document that secure the assets of our clients. We can:


  • Draft a cohabitation agreement or marriage agreement
  • Review a proposed agreement and provide independent legal advice
  • Offer legal suggestions regarding an existing agreement

What an agreement will cover is subjective and depends on the stages and various circumstances of life of the couple—an agreement that makes sense for a couple who is young and about to start a family together will not make sense to another couple who each have grown children.


A cohabitation or marriage agreement can talk about:


  • What property is shared and what is separate to each person
  • How a property that the couple bought together will be handled
  • How business, inheritances and other specific items will be dealt with
  • Which debts are to be shared and which are to be each person’s responsibility
  • How to deal with their estates

During the time of final and legal separation, both partners usually have to pay enhanced legal fees. Cohabitation and marriage agreements, reduces the argument and guesswork for the division of property and debts. Couples who already have outlined their financial affairs save their money over those who have not. Moreover, there is an emotional cost to extended legal disputes which may be avoided by predetermining obligations and rights. Cohabitation agreements may also play an important role in securing the rights of the children. Similarly, many other discomforts and disputes may be avoided by setting out in a relationship, who is responsible for what.


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